The problem with arts advocacy is two-fold.  One: it involves few artists.  The very party whose name is on the marquee has neglected to participate.  Two: of the artists who are participating, essentially none are speaking about the core of the crisis — the shallow ethics of the average fan and the average artist. 

The artist is the primary.  Artists make art, and the fan and arts industry emerge from that art.  In order to turn the tide of the arts movement we must turn the primary.  We must recruit a sufficient number of deeper artists under a common banner — a banner of depth.  Artists United (AU) proposes to turn the primary by teaching them, or reconnecting them to, a deeper understanding of artist, including their responsibilities.  We propose to do this through a series of artistic live presentations and filmed vignettes to be aired online.

Artists United is an organization dedicated to teaching and promoting a new dimension of art and artist in an attempt to solve problems within the arts ecosystem, and accelerate emerging consciousness.


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