1. We believe that an artist has the right to set the terms of acquisition of their work, for it exists not without them.

2. We believe that artists should voice their objections to the violation of their terms, or any other artist's terms, when witness to it.  To remain silent is to consent both to one's own abuse and to the abuse of one's fellow artists.

3. We believe that an artist should lead by example; that they should treat others as they expect to be treated and honour the terms of acquisition and use for all implements necessary to create their art.  A musician, for example, should not steal the software they use to record and then request that others buy their recordings. Such hypocrisy will see the artist estranged from Themselves, disallowing unity within and between.

4. We believe that art is sacred.  We believe that art is the communication of the mind and the Spirit through the creative expression of Beauty, and that art can be a vehicle for Goodness (morality, ethics) and Truth (logic, reason) or it can be a Trojan horse for their opposites.  It falls then upon the artist to assume full responsibility for pairing their art with expressions of goodness and truth that are as deep as their art is beautiful.  A commercial illustrator, for example, should use her drawings to aid individuals whose products and services she feels to be good and true, not bad and false.  

Join us at an Artists United talk or select from our video series (coming soon) to learn why we have included the above within our manifesto, and why we believe it important for the present — and future — of humanity.


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