Brad’s talks on artistry are unlike any panel, seminar, or music industry workshop I have ever attended. The ideas he brought to the table created invigorating discussion amongst attendees long after the talk ended and the holistic approach to understanding that he fosters in his presentation enabled him to get his message across to everyone in the room.
— Meghan Morrison, Musician
I found Brad’s talk about artists being the leading edge of raising consciousness to be captivating and refreshing because I had not yet encountered someone who had achieved great success in music speak from such a high, thought-provoking vantage point.
— John Tayles, Musician
I’ve had the great fortune of having Brad into my Artist Management class at Metalworks.  He’s very well spoken, lots of great info, and has been voted favourite speaker every term among students.
— Mark Watson, Juno Winning Artist Manager, Instructor at Metalworks Arts School
Brad shared some profound insights on not only where most of us get our inspiration and creativity from, he also freely gave practical ways on how each and every artist in the room can keep that “flow” coming.  Our students truly enjoyed his lecture and are eager to have him back.  I would encourage anyone serious about their craft to take the time to listen to Brad’s lecture on The Source — I’m grateful I did.

— Jim Spirou, Owner/Instructor at Music Boxx Studio and Digital Music School 

The thing I liked the most about Brad’s talk was the uniqueness of his content. It was refreshing to hear someone so passionate about the true art of music and his revolutionary concepts are exciting and something that I am willing to support as an artist.
— Bob Carr, Musician
I loved the experience. Brad provided a very different perspective on the way I look at my art and art in general. His idea of exposing inner light is brilliant.
— Ricardo Rise Bairos, Music Producer

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